Freitag, 20. September 2013

fresh out, salty in

A freshwater nano cube's rebirth as a nano reef.

Step 1:
I removed all the freshwater stuff and cleaned the cube
Step 2:
I cutted the undergravel plates into the right size
Step 3: I put the plates in
Step 4: I removed the freshwater energy
saving lamp and replaced it with a marine lamp
Step 5: added the filter to the undergravel plates
Step 6: added a thin  layer of filter floss to prevent
the gravel from falling through the plates
Step 7: added used gravel from my
other marine cube to bring all the useful bacterias in
Step 8: add the rocks, used water out of
my other marine cube and macro algae
The final result with just a few soft corals.
If it runs stable I will add some more corals in a few weeks.