Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

What a good fish food really can do

We all want just the best for our beloved pet fishes. We feed them with what we think is the best.
But most fish food is far away from being even good enough.
I got both fishes in may, 6 month ago (with several other bettas but we will stay on these two).
Both lived allone in a 20L cube with the same filtration and water change interval.
Only big different through all these month were the food.
The poor (I really feel sorry for him, I didn't expect that) opaque plakat male were fed with common fish food like you can buy it in every pet shop. These kind of food is filled with cheap by products. Doing nothing for the fish but a lot for the producing company.

Look at him:
He has several tumors all over his body and his fins are damaged cause of a lack of vitamines and minerals.
And this is just a plakat, these small fins don't need as much vitamines than a halfmoon fin needs.

The other guy, the red halfmoon, was fed with the first prototype of the new Dennerle betta food.

Just take a look:

This is, what a good fishfood can and SHOULD do for your fish: keep him healthy, even when he is getting old! The Dennerle food is absolute free of fishmeal, byproducts, preservatives. It has a good balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fat acids, some herbs which are antibiotic and antiphlogistic. It has also some pre- and probiotics in it, and beta glucane, which acitvates the immune system.

All the vitamines and minerals are pure natural and much more absorbable and useable for the body than the high ammount of synthetic vitamines in common fish food, which just looks good at the package.

This is what they both looked like 6 month ago: