Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

What a good fish food really can do

We all want just the best for our beloved pet fishes. We feed them with what we think is the best.
But most fish food is far away from being even good enough.
I got both fishes in may, 6 month ago (with several other bettas but we will stay on these two).
Both lived allone in a 20L cube with the same filtration and water change interval.
Only big different through all these month were the food.
The poor (I really feel sorry for him, I didn't expect that) opaque plakat male were fed with common fish food like you can buy it in every pet shop. These kind of food is filled with cheap by products. Doing nothing for the fish but a lot for the producing company.

Look at him:
He has several tumors all over his body and his fins are damaged cause of a lack of vitamines and minerals.
And this is just a plakat, these small fins don't need as much vitamines than a halfmoon fin needs.

The other guy, the red halfmoon, was fed with the first prototype of the new Dennerle betta food.

Just take a look:

This is, what a good fishfood can and SHOULD do for your fish: keep him healthy, even when he is getting old! The Dennerle food is absolute free of fishmeal, byproducts, preservatives. It has a good balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fat acids, some herbs which are antibiotic and antiphlogistic. It has also some pre- and probiotics in it, and beta glucane, which acitvates the immune system.

All the vitamines and minerals are pure natural and much more absorbable and useable for the body than the high ammount of synthetic vitamines in common fish food, which just looks good at the package.

This is what they both looked like 6 month ago:

Freitag, 20. September 2013

fresh out, salty in

A freshwater nano cube's rebirth as a nano reef.

Step 1:
I removed all the freshwater stuff and cleaned the cube
Step 2:
I cutted the undergravel plates into the right size
Step 3: I put the plates in
Step 4: I removed the freshwater energy
saving lamp and replaced it with a marine lamp
Step 5: added the filter to the undergravel plates
Step 6: added a thin  layer of filter floss to prevent
the gravel from falling through the plates
Step 7: added used gravel from my
other marine cube to bring all the useful bacterias in
Step 8: add the rocks, used water out of
my other marine cube and macro algae
The final result with just a few soft corals.
If it runs stable I will add some more corals in a few weeks.

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Yehaa! The Dennerle Food is coming soon.

Let's talk about the Guppy Food, first.
We don't wanted to make just another fishfood, we wanted to do something new, different and for sure: much better than anything else available.
So the first decision was to exclude fishmeal, because guppies will never hunt down salmons.
We also excluded all the cheap byproducts, which are just cheap fillers. Common fishfood is overloaded with stuff, which does absolutely nothing for the fish but a lot for the producing company.

So, the Dennerle food is pretty close to the natural food spectrum of our lifebearers. But that's not the whole thing. We wanted more...
So we added prebiotics and probiotics (Pediococcus acidilactici), which improves the health, longlivity and fertility noticeable. It's like "Yakult" for your fish. Last but not least we added beta glucane, which is an immunostimulant.

Also we have some good herbs in this food, which are long known for their positive effects, like garlic, melissa (which is known as natural antibiotic and antiphlogistic) and some more.
Here comes the ingredient list:

arctic krill, wheat proteine, octopus, omega-3 marine oil, gammarus, daphnia, grasshoppers, fly maggots, red algae, yeast extract, green-lipped mussel extract, artemia, artemia nauplia, moringa oleifera, chicory inulin, spinach, red bloodworms, nanochloropsis algae, herb extracts, white cabbage, spirulina platensis, melissa, garlic, chickweed, chlorella algae, fennel, anise, pollen, grape seed powder, beta glucane.

55% proteine, 11% fat, 3,5% raw fiber, 12% raw ash, 6,2% moisture

The food comes as soft granule and can easily be crushed between your fingers to feed younger fishes.

Well, besides all these positive arguments, do I need to say it is handmade in germany? Maybe, so: It is handmade in Germany! ;-)

 Available: octobre 2013!